Efficient Medical Care at Convenient Time for Patients

Efficient Medical Care at Convenient Time for Patients

Many times it happens, people find it difficult to go to the physicians for their routine medical checkup. For the convenience of such people, a unique medical care service has been set up. These medical care services are available even up to late hours at night; in fact, the clinics work from 7 AM to 11 PM. The clinics are located in various parts of the city and at convenient locations like near the railway stations, malls, bus stand and so on. Therefore, you can just walk into the clinic as you are shopping, or as you are returning from your office. Interestingly, these clinics have very nominal MEDICAL PRACTICE FEES and almost everybody can afford them.

Qualified and experienced doctors:

You just book your appointment and drop in at the appointed time. The receptionist will receive you with a smile and directly lead you to the waiting doctor. You need not waste your time waiting in the long queue. The popularity of these clinics is not only for their unique family medical centre hours working facility, but also for the services of highly qualified and abundantly experienced doctors.

Some of the exclusive services offered by these medical centers are briefly explained here:

·        Now take a closer look at the unique feature of the fee structure. As already said, these FAMILY MEDICAL SERVICEShave their branches in various parts of the city. Each of these branches or medical centers is unique. Therefore, MEDICAL PRACTICE FEES also vary with from one branch to another. In short, the fee also varies from one  doctor to another. The fee structure is based on the time you need for the consultation and the time taken by the doctor.  In the net analysis, you may be surprised that the MEDICAL PRACTICE FEES charged by these clinics are considerably lower from any other medical centers in the city.

·        Claiming your medical insurance is made much easier by these clinics. In fact, the clinics have introduced a form of electronic claiming of medical insurance. Therefore, you are now relieved from the hassle of making that medical insurance bill. Apart from this, in each of these family medical centre locationsyou find discounts being offered on various accounts, and all these will help you to save a considerable amount of money.

·        Interestingly, these clinics have something to offer to senior citizens holding pension cards. Such senior citizens will be eligible for discounts if they visit the clinics on specified date and time. Similarly, treatment for kids is provided at discount fee structure. For any clarification on fee structure or any other facility available, you may call the helpline.

·        You can also visit any of the branches of these clinics. Every branch is connected by a network, and your health card can be viewed by the doctor at any of the clinics. Therefore, even if your designated doctor is not available, the other doctor treating you will be able to take a look at your health card. Needless to say, the facility helps you to take the right kind of treatment.


These clinics have gained considerable popularity and more and more people are getting the benefit from their exceptional services.